Claudia Bank

Principal investigator
Contact:  evoldynamics [at]


I study evolution – and in particular, the population genetics of adaptation and speciation – at the interface between theoretical and empirical biology. The approaches I use involve theoretical modeling, computational methods, and statistical data analysis.
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Inês Fragata

Postdoctoral fellow
Contact:  irfragata [at]


I am broadly interested in the mechanisms that allow populations to adapt to different environmental conditions (e.g. seasonal and/or clinal variation), particularly when there is some stochastic environmental variation.
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Alexandre Blanckaert

Postdoctoral fellow
Contact:  blanckaert.a [at]


I’m really interested in evolution in general. I like to approach the different questions relative to evolution and speciation using a theoretical approach.
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Ana-Hermina Ghenu

PhD student (co-supervised by Isabel Gordo)
Contact:  hermina.ghenu [at]


My general interest is understanding how evolutionary forces shape genomes. I am particularly fascinated by intragenomic conflict and adaptive evolution acting on genomic architecture.
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Marco Louro

PhD student (co-supervised by Mónica Bettencourt Dias)
Contact:  mlouro [at]


My general interests lie in understanding the organizing principles of biological systems, namely at the cell and subcellular levels. For my PhD I am studying centrosome amplification in cancer.
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Mark Schmitz

Contact:  kramred [at]


Proteins are essential for most aspects of living cells. These fascinating macromolecules are fundamental constituents of life as we know it. The amino acid sequence of a protein normally determines its three dimensional structure, which is often closely coupled to the fitness and function of the protein.
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Emma Berdan

Visiting postdoc (February/March 2018)
Contact:  emma.berdan [at]


I am interested in speciation and adaptation genomics and I am currently working with the seaweed fly Coelopa frigida, and will be visiting the Evolutionary Dynamics lab as part of my Marie-Curie Fellowship.
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Lab Alumni

Andreia Teixeira

Contact:  andteixeira [at]


I am interested in exploring the “why” for many things, but particularly for biological processes. I just finished my master’s in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology, and I am an insect lover, more specifically a social insect lover.
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Mariana Vidal Pinheiro

Summer project student
Contact:  marianavidalpinheiro [at]


I am very interested in the mechanisms that drive evolution and how these evolutionary forces shape the genomes of individuals and populations.
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Telmo Cunha

Summer project student (2016)


I am very curious about the application of mathematical models to the description and prediction of biological phenomena.
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