Claudia Bank

Principal investigator

Contact: evoldynamics [at]


I study evolution – and in particular, the population genetics of adaptation and speciation – at the interface of theoretical and empirical biology. The approaches I use involve theoretical modeling, computational methods, and statistical data analysis.

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Alexandre Blanckaert

Postdoctoral fellow

Contact: blanckaert.a [at]

I’m really interested in evolution in general. I like to approach the different questions relative to evolution and speciation using a theoretical approach.

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André Amado

Postdoctoral fellow

Contact: aamado [at]

I am very interested in evolution in general. Currently, I am investigating how fitness landscapes vary across different environments from a theoretical perspective.

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Ana-Hermina Ghenu

PhD student (co-supervised by Isabel Gordo)

Contact: hermina.ghenu [at]

My general interest is understanding how evolutionary forces shape genomes. I am particularly fascinated by intragenomic conflict and adaptive evolution acting on genomic architecture.

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Marco Louro

PhD student (co-supervised by Mónica Bettencourt Dias)

Contact: mlouro [at]

My general interests lie in understanding the organizing principles of biological systems, namely at the cell and subcellular levels. For my PhD I am studying centrosome amplification in cancer.

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Massimo Amicone

PhD student (co-supervised by Isabel Gordo)

Contact: mamicone [at]

Generally speaking, my interests consist in understanding the mechanisms that are responsible for the origin and the maintenance of biological diversity, from the molecular up to the population level. I see evolution as a vertical bridge connecting the nested levels of biological systems and as a key to model their interactions.

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Mark Schmitz


Contact: kramred [at]

Proteins are essential for most aspects of living cells. These fascinating macromolecules are fundamental constituents of life as we know it. The amino acid sequence of a protein normally determines its three dimensional structure, which is often closely coupled to the fitness and function of the protein.

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Dragan Stajic

Visiting postdoc

Contact: dragan.stajke [at]

I am interested in how non-genetic forms of inheritance can have an impact on evolution. These mechanisms encompass many molecular pathways such as histone modifications and DNA methylation. The epigenetic states are less stable than genetic changes.

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Christian Diwo

Contact: chr.diwo [at]

Christian Diwo is a biomimetic engineer and is joining the lab for a 3-month internship

Lab Alumni

Inês Fragata

Postdoc (2016-2019)

Manuel Fortunato

Modeling project student (2018)

Sofia Torres

Summer project student (2018)

Emma Berdan

Visiting postdoc (February/March 2018)

Andreia Teixeira

Trainee (2016)

Mariana Vidal Pinheiro

Summer project student (2016)

Telmo Cunha

Summer project student (2016)

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