Claudia Bank

Principal investigator

Contact: evoldynamics [at]

Claudia Bank, Photo

I study evolution – and in particular, the population genetics of adaptation and speciation – at the interface of theoretical and empirical biology. The approaches I use involve theoretical modeling, computational methods, and statistical data analysis.

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André Amado

Postdoctoral fellow

Contact: aamado [at]

Juan Li

Postdoctoral fellow

Contact: lijuan2010big [at]

Davide Cusseddu

Postdoctoral fellow

Contact: davide.cusseddu [@]

Ana-Hermina Ghenu

PhD student (co-supervised by Isabel Gordo)

Contact: hermina.ghenu [at]

Marco Louro

PhD student (co-supervised by Mónica Bettencourt Dias)

Contact: mlouro [at]

Christian Diwo


Contact: chr.diwo [at]

Associated members

Dragan Stajic

Associated postdoctoral fellow (Gordo lab)

Contact: dragan.stajke [at]

Massimo Amicone

Associated PhD student (Gordo lab)

Contact: mamicone [at]

Alex Wong

Sabbatical Visitor

Contact: alex.wong [@]

Lila Fishman

Sabbatical Visitor

Contact: lila.fishman [@]

Lab Alumni

Alexandre Blanckaert

Postdoc (2016-2019)

Mark Schmitz

Programmer (2018-2019)

Inês Fragata

Postdoc (2016-2019)

Dinis Seward

Summer project student (2019)

Vedanth Sriram

Summer project student (2019)

Manuel Fortunato

Modeling project student (2018)

Sofia Torres

Summer project student (2018)

Emma Berdan

Visiting postdoc (February/March 2018)

Andreia Teixeira

Trainee (2016)

Mariana Vidal Pinheiro

Summer project student (2016)

Telmo Cunha

Summer project student (2016)

Lab Photos