Claudia Bank

Principal investigator
Contact:  evoldynamics [at]

I study evolution – and in particular, the population genetics of adaptation and speciation – at the interface of theoretical and empirical biology. The approaches I use involve theoretical modeling, computational methods, and statistical data analysis.

Coming from an undergraduate (combined Bachelor and Master’s) background in mathematics and physics, I discovered my passion for evolution through biophysics and biomathematics classes. This led me to pursue a PhD in the framework of the “Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics” under the supervision of Joachim Hermisson, during which I developed speciation models. As part of my PhD studies, I spent a semester abroad in Mark Kirkpatrick’s lab at UT Austin. To continue my transition into biology after my PhD, I decided that it was time to get my hands on empirical data, which is why I joined Jeff Jensen’s lab at the EPFL as a postdoc. In particular, this gave me the chance to apply my modeling expertise to experimental-evolution data collected in Dan Bolon’s lab at UMass. In 2014, I spent one semester at UC Berkeley as a Simons Fellow in the program “Evolutionary Biology and the Theory of Computing”. Since January 2016, I have been heading the Evolutionary Dynamics lab at the Gulbenkian Institute.

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