Emma Berdan

Visiting postdoc
Contact:  emma.berdan [at] gu.se

I am interested in speciation and adaptation genomics and I am currently working with the seaweed fly Coelopa frigida. Coelopa frigida has a large chromosomal inversion stably segregating in all populations largely due to strong heterosis. In addition, a shift in the frequency of the inversion from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea indicates a role for the inversion in local adaptation. I am interested in (1) What forces caused the inversion to rise in frequency when it first occurred given that inversions are generally underdominant, (2) What are the genetic causes of the strong heterosis in this system, and (3) whether the inversion has facilitated local adaptation. I am answering these questions by employing a large range of methods such as whole genome resequencing, controlled laboratory crosses, theoretical modeling , metagenomics, and RNASeq.