Teaching & Outreach

Epistasis and fitness landscapes

Fitness landscape simulation for the tutorial at the ICTS Workshop Living Matter. Download the Mathematica notebook here:

adaptation on a fitness landscape

A recording of the two accompanying lectures is available on the website of the workshop.

Simulating and inferring selection

Exercise module for the 2018 Workshop on Population and Speciation Genomics in Český Krumlov. Find the R notebook here:

simulating and inferring selection

Our GitLab repository contains the RStudio files and all other files necessary to get started with the exercise and comes with precompiled binaries for macOS and Linux and a setup script.

For more information and a pdf of the accompanying lecture see the website of the workshop or download the lecture slides here: Positive and negative selection [PDF, 6 MB].


We are involved in various outreach activities, including a stand at a large music festival. Our lab created an adaptation-themed board game that we first presented there and since at other instances. It consists of a (Lego) fitness landscape with different environments (colors) and fitness peaks, on which the players compete for reaching as high as possible. Before starting, players choose to walk across the landscape by either large-step, or small-step mutations, on top of which randomness is introduced by throwing a dice. Any time a higher level is reached, the player obtains a phenotype beneficial in the current environment (e.g., echolocation in the sea). At the end of the game, each player has to draw their own critter with the obtained phenotypes. It was a fun experience to develop the game together, and to see how people enjoyed playing it and how they started discussing the best adaptation strategies. Moreover, we got the most wonderful collection of drawings (see photos).